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Mt. Umunhum with Dad


Mnt. Umunhum peak trailhead

Trail Conditions:




My dad joined me for the hike to the top of Mnt. Umunhum on June 30. It was a warm day so the shady spots on the trail were welcome. We set off at 9:45, reached the peak in 2hours taking a very comfortable pace given the heat and the fact that my dad had a number of conversation topics that he wanted to cover. The return was a speedy 1hr 15 min given the gentle slope and anticipated chilled water waiting for us in the car.

On a cooler day, I'd expect this trail to be packed with families because the gentle incline and trail width are ideal conditions for young hikers. The path is very well marked and the informational board at the top are nicely displayed.


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  1. This trail really impressed me. It’s well constructed and a beautiful little hike. Another challenger described it as a “warm up” for the other peaks, and that’s a pretty good description.

    Glad you had clear skies at the top!

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