Mt Lincoln

Peak SummitedMount Lincoln
TrailheadFalling Waters Trail

I'm glad I read some of the previous post on Lincoln. It was a great mountain to hike, I think the best one so far! The weather was perfect, about 60 degrees and sun when we started up the Falling Waters Trail. As always I hiked with my best friend and wife Judy. Our friend Jess came too. We gave her the trail name Jaguar, she is powerful and fearless on the mountain. On the way up we checked out Shinning Rock before peaking Little Haystack. The trail is a beautiful open ridge with a great view of Lincoln.

A short time later we hit our objective, Mt. Lincoln. Once your on Lincoln you can see Lafayette; the trail begs you to continue – so we continued to Lafayette, the view was fantastic, 360* you could see several 4000 footers, and in the distance was Washington, our final peak hopefully next week.

We descended down the 1.1 mile to the Green-leaf Hut for apple cake and coffee – so good. After a brief rest we took the Old Bridle Trail down to our car. We gave an AT hiker heading south a ride to Lincoln, he was in need of a cold beer!

The hike took 9 hours and all my energy but boy was it worth it. Now I need to read some encouraging post from others that hiked up Washington. I've hiked it before and know what lies ahead. Send me some good energy Six-Packers!!


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