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My One and Only Peak


Angelus Oaks

Trail Conditions:




Tips from your Ambassador:
1. No permits for day hiking here, but the parking lot fills up quickly. Park on the dirt and not on the street, you will get a ticket.
2. There’s only one little creek towards the top of the peak, so bring lots of water.
3. The trailhead can be difficult to find. Once you get to Angelus Oaks, look for the fire station and turn into the road to see directions to the trailhead. The dirt road to the trailhead should be taken slowly because of the rocks along the road.

I’ve done this peak twice and it’s my favorite in the Six Pack because it is a beautiful trail, not many people are on this trail, and the climb is gradual, but long, which I don’t mind. With having the alternates peaks this year, I was wondering if this peak would still stay my favorite.

We had a group of 9 people that completed this peak yesterday. It was hot all the way up to the peak, with minimal wind and even though I brought lots of water, the combination of the heat, lack of sleep, and altitude, made me sick and I had hard time making it up to the peak. Also, probably because of the dry weather, the bugs were a bother in the first part of the trail and I got a couple of bites. I got to see my fellow ambassador, Carisa with her group and it was nice to see another ambassador on the trail.

Even though I got sick and the hike took me longer than expected, this peak is still my favorite out of all of the peaks!


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