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Spectacular Camels Hump


Monroe Trail

Trail Conditions:




Saturday was a much better day weather wise which is why we chose to hike Camels Hump on Saturday instead of Friday. (We only had this weekend to do both hikes) we could not have had a more perfect day. It was a nice trail that was straight to the point and we got to the summit rather quickly. Once we got to the summit we saw what the hype with this summit was all about. We had 360 views where we could see the mountains in NH and on the other side we could see the ones in New York too. The hardest part was picking a place to sit and have a snack as everywhere you looked was stunning. You could even see Mount Mansfield in the distance which was pretty neat as we were there the day before. (See picture of me pointing at a peak that’s Mansfield) I do think I will venture back to this peak with my son and I will recommend it to anyone who loves to hike.


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