Hike Log

The maze of Mount Greylock


Bellows Pipe/ Thunderbolt

Trail Conditions:




With the weather forecast showing rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon we had our rain gear and started on the Bellows Pipe trail then over to Thunderbolt. With this being a ski mountain and not all the ski trails showing on our map we got a little confused on which way to go at some of the trail junctions. With some good intuition and double checking the gps we eventually made it up the steep trail to the summit. (I do not recommend this way for descending or children) we had some small rain showers on the way but otherwise the weather held up for us. Once we got to the summit there was a little shelter and a war memorial that was very beautiful and interesting to see. There was also a lodge with restrooms and you could get a coffee and a snack if you wish. It was very windy and chilly so we took our pictures, ate our snacks and started on our way back down by taking the Gould trail. This trail was much easier and the greenery really popped on the overcast day making the trek down beautiful. Once again we had some confusion at junctions that were not on our map but we were able to find our way to an adorable covered bridge. There was a part on the trail where we found markers past where the trail was that was extremely confusing but after a few minutes we were on the right track and then the trail took us to a field with tall grass where you could barely see the trail. (Bring spray for ticks) was very relieved when we found the car as this was the most confusing hike I’ve ever been on. I’m glad that I had my gps as a backup to help me confirm that we were in fact going in the right direction. Overall a good hike with beautiful sights to see.


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  1. Wow! Those sections with the ferns or grasses look amazing, but even more knowing there’s a trail in there somewhere?!

    Incidentally, what kind of spray do you use for ticks?

  2. We use Repel permethrin for clothing and gear and then I use a spray with deet for morning of. I will say the green really popped and was truly beautiful but I was afraid of ticks. I have been lucky and using the spray high in deet seems to help as I’ve never had an issue with it.

  3. I sorry you got a little mixed up! I followed the AT on my hike last week and it was really well marked and well worn (no surprise there!). Loved the views at the top! Glad you had a nice hike!

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