Peak SummitedMount Katahdin

What a gorgeous day for a hike. With the winds being very low there was barely a breeze which made for a hot day. We took the Hunt trail which started off nice and easy with a gorgeous waterfall. The trail does end up getting pretty steep around mile 3 where we ended up stowing our trekking poles to get a better grip. If you take poles make sure you have a good way to stow them as you will need your hands for this hike. Lots of bouldering and a ton of fun. I also recommend hiking gloves for this as the rocks are pretty rough which is great for your boots to grip but not so nice on the hands or knees as I had to use my knees to get myself up some parts. I did see some wearing knee pads as well and I think if I ever return that I will do this as well. Some of the parts were challenging to get up but taking it slow we managed just fine.

Once you get past all the bouldering the alpine seems to go on forever. It is nice an easy once you reach it but at some points it felt like I was never going to make it to the summit. Of course we eventually made it there and it was very crowded at the top. We had to wait in line for the summit sign. Good thing they regulate how many people can go on the mountain per day because if they didn’t then it would be much worse I’m sure.

We did not have time to do the knifes edge but we did get a good look and I must say wow it’s stunning but very intimidating as well. We will be returning another time to trek that part as that is on my bucket list.

I highly recommend registering to do this as it is a far drive and they will turn you away if it’s full. There’s many trails to choose from and parking lots but if you get the gate pass you know you have a spot. We also camped the weekend which I’m glad we did because the hike was exhausting and I wouldn’t want to make that drive. It’s a full day hike too. Start early and bring lots of water, we ran out and there’s stream on the trail but it took us awhile to get to it.

What an experience I’ll never forget. One more left!


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  1. Congratulations, @cinspoon! You are the first challenger to log Mt Katahdin! The trek sounds epic. Knee pads, eh? Great tip. Camping for the weekend is definitely good advice, too.