Press “Pause” on your Challenge

Press Pause on your challenge

May 18th Update: Many trails that were temporarily closed have been reopened. I've had a number of people ask if it's okay to hike again. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but we encourage you get get outside, safely, following CDC and local guidelines for face coverings and social distancing, and of course, only hiking trails that are officially open. 

A little over a week ago my friend and I were planning our next peak to bag in the challenge (my fifth, his fourth… not that I'm competitive at all). Today we are hunkering down and staying local, learning new language like “social distancing” (kind of an oxymoron?) and sorting out the answer to the ever-evolving question: “Can I hike?

The short answer is “maybe”, though this is changing hour-by-hour. But what is clear is that even if the trail is open and it's allowed, it may not be wise to do so.

I'm pressing pause on my challengeSo for a while, I'm calling on you to considering pressing pause on your challenge. If we do this right and are able to flatten the curve of Covid-19 spread, before the end of summer we could see parks and trails that have been closed reopen. And we could prevent overcrowding at the ones that are still open.

If we do this right, you will still have time to complete your challenge. And we will help #flattenthecurve.

Yep, I'm pressing the “pause” button on my personal challenge, and looking forward to resuming it when we are over the Covid-19 hump. And I encourage you to join me!

  1. Print out this PDF
  2. Write down what you will be doing to maintain your outdoor inspiration during the Covid-19 pandemic
  3. Share a photo here in the activity stream, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Add the tags #presspause6pop and #flattenthecurve

Let us know how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted your outdoor adventures and share your ideas for weathering “safer-at-home” and “shelter-in-place” quarantines in the forum.

Further reading: My thoughts on hiking and backpacking in the time of Covid-19.


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