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Colorado Rockies Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

Challenge begins January 1, 2024

Green markers denote the ‘Classic' peaks. Red markers denote the ‘Extra Spicy' peaks.

The Classic Six-Pack of Peaks

BERGEN PEAK – Elevation 9,708′ (2,959 m)

This forested peak in the Jefferson County Open Space is a short 30-minute drive from Denver. The out-and-back route comes in just under 10 miles, and climbs 1,890′. 

Recommended Six-Pack Route: Bergen Peak via Elk Meadow Park
Distance: 9.6 miles; Vertical +/- 1,890 ft.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN – Elevation 9,250′ (2,819 m)

Yes, there is an actual “Rocky Mountain.” It rises above the more famous Manitou Incline and the Barr Trail, both of which are great options for a loop hike up this peak near Colorado Springs.

Recommended Six-Pack Route: Rocky Mountain via the Manitou Incline
Distance: 6 miles; Vertical +/- 2,458 ft.

MOUNT SHERMAN – Elevation 14,035′ (4,278 m)

Mount Sherman is another great 14er for starting out. No technical climbing (unless you go in the springtime snow) and unlike many of the other 14ers, much less crowded.

Recommended Six-Pack Route: Mount Sherman via Fourmile Road
Distance: 5 miles; Vertical +/- 2,100 ft.

MOUNT YALE – Elevation 14,200′ (4,328 m)

The first of four 14ers in the challenge, this prominent peak in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness offers spectacular views of the Sawatch Range and nearby Buena Vista.

Recommended Six-Pack Route: Denny Creek Trailhead
Distance: 9.5 miles; Vertical +/- 4,136 ft.

GRAYS PEAK – Elevation 14,270′ (4,350 m)

Grays Peak is one of only two fourteeners that actually sits on the Continental Divide. The ninth-highest mountain in Colorado has a well-defined trail to the summit and its proximity to the slightly lower Torreys Peak (14,267′) make this a popular mountain destination.

Recommended Six-Pack Route: Hiking Grays Peak
Distance: 8.6 miles; Vertical +/- 2,939 ft.

MOUNT ELBERT  – Elevation 14,439′ (4,401 m)

Mount Elbert is the high point of Colorado. In fact, it's the highest point in the entire Rocky Mountain Range. It's also one of the most accessible 14ers, making it a great addition for this year's challenge.

Recommended Six-Pack Route: Hiking Mount Elbert's Northeast Ridge
Distance: 8.9 miles; Vertical +/- 4,410 ft.

The 'Extra Spicy' Six-Pack of Peaks

The Extra Spicy edition includes peaks that require more advanced outdoor skills and physical conditioning, including off-trail navigation, Class 2 or Class 3 scrambling, long mileage and more vertical gain. 

HORSESHOE MOUNTAIN – Elevation 13,898′ (4,236 m)

Horseshoe Mountain scrapes the clouds at 13,898′ – just shy of being a 14er. Even so, the glacier carved cirque remains one of Colorado’s 100 tallest mountains, and the views are coveted by peak baggers.

Recommended Six-Pack Route: Hiking Horseshoe Mountain
Distance: 6.4 Miles; Vertical +/- 2,254 ft.

MOUNT GUYOT – Elevation 13,370′ (4,075 m)

Mount Guyot offers steep climbs, a descent through talus, and bushwhacking on the way back to your car. 

Recommended Six-Pack Route: Hiking Mount Guyot
Distance: 7.8 Miles; Vertical +/- 2,965 ft.

MOUNT BIERSTADT – Elevation 14,060′ (4,285 m)

Mount Bierstadt is considered one of the most accessible 14ers in Colorado, nearby Denver and well maintained, but that doesn’t mean it’s a stroll in the park. You’ll climb over 2,700′ over the course of just over three miles, including a boulder scramble up the final stretch to the peak.

Recommended Six-Pack Route: Hiking Mount Bierstadt
Distance: 7 Miles; Vertical +/- 2,776 ft.

TORREYS PEAK – Elevation 14,276′ (4,351 m)

Torreys Peak is the other 14er that stands directly on the Continental Divide. Torreys Peak is a formidable hike on its own and can be paired with Grays Peak to make an epic day.

Recommended Six-Pack Route: Hiking Torreys Peak
Distance: 8.1 Miles; Vertical +/- 3,622 ft. (when hiked with Grays Peak)

HARVARD PEAK – Elevation 14,420′ (4,395 m)

Mount Harvard is the third highest peak in Colorado. The ascent offers 4,600′ of climbing and a class three scramble up the last 100 yards.

Recommended Six-Pack Route: Mount Harvard South Slopes
Distance: 14 Miles; Vertical +/- 4,600 ft.

PIKES PEAK – Elevation 14,110′ (4,301 m)

Pikes Peak is the longest hike of any in the Six-Pack of Peaks series. You will earn your ‘Extra Spicy' Six-Pack badge over 24 miles and 6,650 feet of elevation gain.

Recommended Six-Pack Route: Hiking Pikes Peak
Distance 24 miles; Vertical +/- 6,650 ft.

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