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Mt. Baldy Eclipse

Our first time on the TRT and it was such a great well maintained trail.  I’d rather go up and down on it rather than

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Long hike. Mixed feeling. Most memorable event … my dog encountered her first bear. Two bears actually. First a cub and then the mom. Grateful

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2 States in 1 Hike

My friend and fellow challenger arrived at the parking lot, next to the busy freeway, at about 9:20 AM. It was sunny, but didn’t feel

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Nevada Not-So-Baldy

A rainy and foggy day; luckily A and I looked ahead and were prepared. There was a brief torrent of tiny hail, which stung our

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Allyson Ferrari

Inside the Clouds- Baldy

Really lovely hike! The trail was very gradual and incredibly lovely. We hiked through a storm system and got rained on most of the hike

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