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“The Place Where It Rains”

Cuyamaca, ironically named, is derived from the original Kumeyaay word, meaning “the place where it rains”. However, we experienced quite the opposite during our midday

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Peak 3/6⛰️

Conquered Cuyamaca Peak in a little over 2 hours. The views climbing to the top are beautiful! Lots of pine trees and greenery along the

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Cuyamaca Peak

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. This must be done via Azalea Loop… Don’t try and save time by walking up Lookout Road, You’ll miss most of the

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Ann Sharon

Cuyamaca Peak Hike

Parked inside the campground with $10 parking fee. Started the hike midday with gradual climb. Warm weather but not hot & not too windy. A

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