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Bugs Ruled Volcan

Beautiful day with lots of sunshine and clear skies. On my way up I took the 5 Oaks trail which I really liked because it

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Whos idea was this?!

Wet, windy, foggy & cold…What's not to love about taking a day off of work to go hiking with friends?! First peak done, 5 more

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Amy Lajiness

Family-friendly Hike!

We hiked this trail with our five and nine year olds, a friend, and her seventy-year-old mom! All of us are in pretty good shape,

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M and D


While hiking on the main trail it was nice, wide, and at time challenging going up. Found the Volcan sign for a picture which is

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Volcan mountain

Pretty easy hike. Nice steady incline to the top. Took the 5 oaks trail on the way down to get some different scenery

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