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Seven years ago, I was preparing to thru-hike the 211-mile John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I had hiked it once before after I graduated high school, and was looking forward to seeing the trail again. Organizing and leading the trip meant covering all the bases; from planning resupply packages to shaking out which gear would serve best.

One of the most important pieces of “gear” was my own body. Unfortunately, working at a computer all day would do nothing to help me prepare. I had to be ready for double-digit mileage every day, at high elevations and with serious vertical climbs. And so the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge was born.

The idea was simple: hike six peaks that were progressively challenging in scope as part of our weekly training. We hiked local trails during the week, but on the weekends, we would tackle the longer, higher, harder trails up classic SoCal mountains. These six peaks would tell us what we were capable of, preparing our bodies and minds for the daily challenge of a thru-hike.

It Worked.

Hiking these peaks gave us the confidence we needed to tackle the JMT and really enjoy it.

Since then, thousands of others have hiked the Six-Pack of Peaks in Southern California. Many were training for an even bigger adventure. Others were finding satisfaction in climbing these epic peaks and falling in love with the mountains.

The Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge is Growing!

We're bringing the challenge to the majestic mountains of Colorado and the inspiring peaks of Central Oregon. We are exploring potential peaks and scouting the best trails over the next six weeks and will soon be ready for you to join us!

2017 SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge 2017 Colorado Rockies Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge 2017 Central Oregon Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge


My goal is that these new challenges will inspire you to hike further, discover new trails and mountains, and enjoy miles of adventure.

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  1. Funny thing. I announced at Thanksgiving that I wanted to thru-hike the JMT. After telling a couple people, a few who thought I was crazy, a group emerged. One of the ladies told me about this challenge as part of my prep. Here I am. We are now a group of 4. I would love to pick your brain about the JMT and preparations for the adventure. I am also scheduled for some classes at REI.


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