Hike Log

Saguaros and a snake


King Canyon

Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


Bugs were an annoyance


Snow free

I live in So Cal but wanted to do the AZ Six Pack because my in-laws are in the Phoenix area and this would get my wife and I out to visit them. So, my wife, my hiking buddy, and I tracked out there over three weekends to have family time and to explore different terrain. Stacy, my hiking buddy, and I started Wasson Peak just after 6:00 a.m. The weather was pleasant but the heat had already come to the Tucson area and we knew it was going to get hot. We had lots of water, electrolytes and food. The trail still had some flowers but they looked worn and faded. On the trail, we came across four teenage boys (they were with 3 adults who had gone ahead), who were trying to capture a snake. They had an empty water bottle. The snake was on the small side. Stacy and I attempted to dissuade them from taking the snake but they wouldn't listen. It was very upsetting. They managed to get it into the bottle and it was not happy. They skipped on ahead of us. As we approached the peak, we ran into them again. They said that they let the snake go finally which made us happy. We later learned that the snake was an Arizona Coral — pretty and very venomous. Those boys got very lucky. As we made it back to the parking lot, I was suddenly struck with heat exhaustion — not enough electrolytes. It was a little scary and the next day, I did not feel mentally and physically able to summit Flatiron. We got to the basin (2 miles into the canyon) and decided not to chance it. Next time!


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