Mount Sizer Hike Logs

Are you taking the NorCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge? Here you can see all the hikes logged in our 2018 challenge, with the most recent at the top. Click on a hike log to see all the details, more photos and leave comments for the challengers.

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Aug 5 2020

Cold, wet, and windy… Is this Mt. Sizer?!

I had read so many reviews that talked about the oppressive heat, the lack of shade, and the BUGS!, that I was kind of anxious…
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Jul 25 2020

Sizing Up Six Peaks in Six Days

It would be difficult to accurately describe how badly this hike hurt me. Ears were ringing. Nausea was ravaging. Water was scarce. This hike was…
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Jul 18 2020

Hot Mt Sizer Loop Hike

Hot hike.  Day started off early, arrived at the park at 7:30am, and started hiking at 7:45am.  Temperature was in the mid-60's at this point.…
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Jun 28 2020

Nice shortcut

The day started pretty foggy but it cleared up before too long.  We did the clockwise loop and it was a challenging hike,  but I…
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Jun 27 2020

Rough Day at Sizer

Long hot day, 90 degrees.  Trail was exposed for long stretches, and no water out on the trail.  Ran out of water around mile 13,…
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Jun 6 2020

Mt. Sizer

loooong hike with a lot of ups and down along the trail. Due to COVID restrictions, parking was very limited. Get there early!
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May 31 2020

Cloudy Mt Sizer Loop

This was an okay day out in Henry Coe, heading up to Mt Sizer and around the loop. Overcast skies made everything a bit drab.…
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May 30 2020

Mount Sizer

Hiking Sizer is pretty awesome!  It was raining and tough on the legs but all 5 of us got through it and felt accomplished.  The…
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May 24 2020

Mount Sizer 2020

Hot with limited shade. Parking was not yet open so I hiked in. Very quiet hike with ample elevation challenges. Bugs were everywhere. “Shortcut” appeared…
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Apr 19 2020

That’s no short cut!

The road in was closed, so had to park on a turnout and hike into the park. Took me a while to find my way…
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Apr 8 2020

Mt. Sizer – Fog, Creek Crossings and Snakes… what an adventure

The weather was in the mid 50's, perfect for hiking,  but quite foggy.  We saw a lot of wild boar destruction and footprints.  We encountered…
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Mar 12 2020

Mt Sizer One More Time

Last November Laura and I did Mt Sizer to support our friend Jenny who was working on her first Six Pack Challenge. We packed in…
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