We’ve Re-launched the Swag Shop

Good news! We've re-launched the SocialHiker swag shop.

It's got a new look that's easier to navigate. It's much faster. And it's at a new home: shop.socialhiker.net.

To celebrate, we have a few special deals, including 15% off our Six-Pack of Peaks Columbia fleece vests. Plus, through the month of May, save 10% shop-wide by using code LAUNCH at checkout.

We've got the popular Six-Pack of Peaks Trucker Cap with new colors. We've got the official Six-Pack of Peaks Summit Flag. And we will be adding new goodies throughout the month.

And of course we've got t-shirts and tanks for every challenge in the series. Get yours and inspire others to set big adventure goals!

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  1. Wasn’t there an offering in August for Columbia employee stores? I can find no evidence of receiving that message anywhere on the app. I either imagined it, or it disappeared.

    1. Hey Seth! Yes, we sent an email out on August 5th. Look for the subject “Deal for Six-Pack of Peaks Challengers on GEAR!” The deal is open to all challengers and up to four guests, and runs through August 27th. You’ll need the email — it has a link to the flyer — and your Hiker Tag. 😉

AZ Winter 20% off early-bird rate ends in