Why Women Thrive in Women-Only Spaces

Our speaker is Saveria Tilden, CEO & Founder of AdventurUs Women. AdventurUs Women creates life-changing, empowering, outdoor experiences that encourage fun, laughter and friendship. They welcome women of all ages, race, size, background, and experience levels and participants of all gender identities and expressions who feel that a women’s space is for them.

Why Women Thrive in Women-Only Spaces

This inspiring session will be focused on why women thrive in women-led and women-only spaces, and why this is especially important when it comes to the outdoors.

Some of the other things we will cover…

🌟 How do you go from following Instagram accounts, wishing that was you, to living your best life embracing and defining adventure on your own terms and getting out there?

🌟 Are you curious about adventuring outdoors, but don’t know where to start or don't yet feel comfortable with heading out on your own?

🌟 How do you find a like-minded community to adventure with?

🌟 How do you learn the skills to become a confident outdoor enthusiast?

If any of these questions resonate with you, then this is definitely the session for you!

This webinar was recorded on November 9, 2022 during Homecoming 2022.

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