Challenge Deadlines

2020 has been a year!

COVID-19, wildfires, forest closures and poor air quality have wreaked havoc on our adventure plans. So we're are extending some of the deadlines to give you more time to finish your challenge.

End Dates by Challenge

Here are the end dates for each of the challenges, in alphabetic order:

  • Arizona Summer: 10/31
  • Central Oregon: 10/31
  • Colorado Rockies: 10/31
  • New England: Extended from 9/30 to 10/31
  • Northern California: 12/31
  • Pacific Northwest: Extended from 9/15 to 10/31
  • Southern California: 12/31

Alternate Peaks

Some peaks are currently closed due to fires or fire hazard.

In Southern California, all but a few of the 18 available peaks are currently closed, though some will likely reopen in time for hiking again in 2020. If you are determined to hike six specific peaks, you may be disappointed, but we are confident that there will be six or more peaks available for hiking this fall.

2020 Mission Peak Badge
2020 Berryessa Peak

In Northern California, both Rose Peak and Mount Sizer are in closure areas, with no clear ETA on reopening. We have two alternate peaks: Mission Peak and Berryessa Peak.

2020 O'Leary Peak badge

For the Arizona Summer challenge, Bill Williams Mountain remains closed due to fire risk. O'Leary Peak is accepted as an alternate.

Personally, I still have two more peaks to finish the SoCal challenge, and four more to finish the Central Oregon challenge. I was hoping (and still am) to squeeze in one more, either the Arizona Summer challenge and/or the NorCal challenge, but the way this year has gone so far, we'll see what happens.

If like me, you are waiting for the air quality to improve, be sure to log any hikes you've already finished so you can earn your place on the Finishers List, and the coveted embroidered finisher patch.

And check out the trip reports from other challengers. It's a great way to stay connected while we wait for the skies to clear.

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  1. Hey Jeff!

    We hiked Angels Landing and the narrows and Bryce Canyon
    Can we count those?
    Stupid fires
    The air quality is horrible

  2. Awesome! Yes, I have two more challenges for SoCal and waiting for good air quality, fire to be gone, and trails to reopen!

    1. For what it’s worth, I just hiked Hot Springs Mountain, Cuyamaca Peak, El Cajon Mountain and Mount Woodson over the past four days. The air quality was great, and the weather was mostly decent (except for the wind and rain on Sunday morning on Cuyamaca).

    1. Kelly, all of the peaks are open from at least one route with the exception of Mount Wilson, San Bernardino, and San Gorgonio peaks. All three remain closed due to the wildfires this year, and will not reopen in 2020.

      1. Thank you Jeff, I appreciate it. I’m trying to squeeze 3 more peaks in before the 31st and want to make sure I don’t plan for something that is closed. I have Santiago Peak on my calendar for this weekend, but the last person in AllTrails is saying that the gate is closed…

  3. I have been hiking the challenge with my 7 year old Grandson, we are now though 5 of the 6 .
    I signed him (Brody Akin) up at the same time I signed up. Do I have to log his hikes separately?
    We plan on our last hike for the challenge this Saturday. Just want to make sure he gets a certificate for all his hard work. Thanks!!

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