Introducing our Legacy Challengers

2019 Legacy SoCal Challenger v2As we head into our fifth year for the Southern California Six-Pack of Peaks, it became clear that we had a special few who have shown a deep commitment to the outdoors through their consistent participation in the challenge. We have a group of people who have not only registered for the challenge and summited all six peaks, but done so for each of the past four years. Yes, every year since our first official challenge in 2015, these outdoor-loving adventurers stepped up and out, registering and completing the challenge.

To honor these adventurous souls, we created the Legacy Challenger award. A Legacy Challenger is someone who has registered for and completed the challenge for the past four (or more) consecutive years. As a Legacy Challenger, they get free registration for the 2019 Southern California Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge. When they finish the challenge next year, they free registration again the following year, and so on. The only requirement is to finish in the four most recent years. As long as they keep finishing, they get in again and again.

So far we have seven Legacy Challengers, with the possibility of one or two more before 2018 is up. Here they are (in alphabetical order):
Jae Bundang, Harvey Fiji, Jason Fitzpatrick, Kathleen Miller, Tony Ramos, Kristin Seiler, and Jason Sudo. 

We wish each of them a hearty congratulations! 

2019 Legacy SoCal Challengers

Could you join their ranks? Register and finish the challenge in four consecutive years and you can earn the Legacy Challenger Award!


  1. Rochelle Mendia

    That’s so cool! Thanks Jeff for making that open to us all.

  2. Philip Yoho

    We’ll be adding Cece to that list very soon! 😉 😉

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