Meet the 2020 SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Legacy Challengers

2020 SoCal Legacy Challenger badgeWhat is a Legacy Challenger? Someone who has completed the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge in each of the past four consecutive years.

Last year eight people earned the coveted Legacy Challenger award. Now for 2020, that number has grown. I'm stoked to share that we have twenty-four challengers who have completed the challenge in each of the past four years and earned the 2020 Legacy Challenger award.

Legacy Challengers get a special badge on their profile and free registration for the 2020 challenge.

Here's the list for 2020 (in alphabetic order):

  1. Jason Bundang
  2. Meredith Crane
  3. Jen Dooley
  4. John Escuin
  5. Harvey Fiji
  6. Jason Fitzpatrick
  7. Tom Flowers
  8. Greg Glass
  9. Denis Grigorov
  10. James Harvey
  11. Carisa Hernandez
  12. Michael Lizarraga
  13. CeCe Lorthioir
  14. Kathleen Miller
  15. Shana Morda
  16. Brian Nishimoto
  17. Karen Nishimoto
  18. Tony Ramos
  19. Josef Rojas
  20. Nancy Rojas
  21. Kristin Seiler
  22. Jason Sudo
  23. Angelica Tolentino
  24. Philip Yoho

Challengers in bold are five-time finishers. Congratulations to all of you!

You can join them. Complete the challenge in four consecutive years, and you can become a Legacy Challenger, too.

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