Introducing the 2022 Legacy Challengers

When we started the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge in 2015, we never dreamed so many people would accept the call and take the challenge…year after year.

And so we began to recognize this lunacy with a special award — the Legacy Challengers.

Legacy Challengers have completed the challenge in each of the past four years — and a few as many as seven consecutive years!

Some of the original Six-Pack of Peaks finishers in 2015. Three of them are now 7x Legacy Challengers.
Some of the original 2015 finishers…three of them are now seven-time Legacy Challengers!

These challengers get free registration for the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge of their choice for 2022… and for as long as they maintain finisher status.

When we first started the Legacy Challenger program, the Southern California challenge was the only one around long enough for people to have logged four consecutive finishes.

As the challenge series has grown, the legacy program has grown with it. Now you can earn Legacy status by completing any combination of our Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge Series over four consecutive years.

Congratulations to all 33 of our new and returning Legacy Challengers!

Six-Pack of Peaks Legacy Challenger badge

4-Year Finishers

These are the the newest Legacy Challengers, and many of earned the honor in other regions, completing the New England, Pacific Northwest and other challenges over the past four years.

5-Year Finishers

Year Five is the make-it-or-break-it year. It's the point where new Legacy Challengers from the previous year decide whether they have the grit and determination to come back for another helping.

6-Year Finishers

Six years of Six-Packs? You know you are committed when you've reached this milestone.

7-Year Finishers

One word expresses what it takes to get here: fortitude.

Join the Legacy Challengers!

Hike four of the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenges in the series — in any combination — over four consecutive years and you'll join this list.

Continue finishing at least one of our challenges each calendar year to maintain your place on the list next year!

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  1. Congrats to all Legacy Challengers!
    So, a legacy hiker gets free registration for the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge for the following year. My question is, what if a hiker becomes a legacy challenger for more than one 6-POP Challenge (SoCal & San Diego or SoCal & NorCal)?

AZ Winter 20% off early-bird rate ends in