Introducing the Six-Pack of Wilsons Challenge

A while back, one of our long-time challengers and ambassadors (she has completed at least one challenge every year since 2015) noticed that we have three challenges with some sort of Wilson in them. On a dare, she suggested we should have a “Six-Pack of Wilsons” challenge. It's particularly ironic since Mount Wilson in the original SoCal challenge is her least favorite hike.

Well Kristin, we've called your bluff.

Introducing the Six-Pack of Wilsons Challenge. This is a special challenge open to anyone registered for one of our past or current challenges. There is no additional registration required, but if you'd like to get a finisher sticker, you'll need to show proof of summiting six different Wilson-named mountains.

We already have three such peaks in the challenge series: Mount Wilson in SoCal (currently closed due to last year's wildfires); Wilson Mountain in Sedona (part of the Arizona Summer Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge); and Mount Wilson in Las Vegas (part of the new Las Vegas Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge).

And there are Wilson peaks all over the country. In NorCal, there is Wilson Peak in Henry Coe State Park. There's a 13er named Mount Wilson in Utah, and the Wilson Peak in Colorado is a 14er. But there are plenty of other Mount Wilsons around the country.

The Rules

  • Unlike the other challenges in the series, there is no time constraint. Complete them over several years if that helps.
  • Record your summits with one or more photos, then share it in our Six-Pack of Wilsons discussion forum. Include the date, the location of the peak, and a description of the route you took (trailhead, mileage, vertical gain, etc.). You know the drill.
  • Once we've verified your peaks, you'll get the Six-Pack of Wilsons Finisher badge added to your profile and a finishers list.
  • You commit to following the seven Leave No Trace principles, and being a positive model for the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge series.

There may or not be some swag for those who complete this one.

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  1. Does it count if we do the same Mt. Wilson from different routes? I can think of at least 5 routes for the miserable Mt. Wilson I know and love/hate.

    1. Hi Charmaine! Yes, Mount Wilson is part of the “original” Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge in Southern California. And we have some good news… one route up Mount Wilson has recently reopened (after being closed since last year’s wildfire), and so we’re adding it back as one of the peaks for 2021!

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