Navigating Social Hiker

New to SocialHiker? Taking the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge? This short video gives you a quick overview of the website, and covers the basics you need to get started.

Here's what's covered:

  • How to login
  • Finding the “Challenger's-only” area for your challenge(s)
  • Finding and connecting with your friends
  • Checking out the badges on a profile
  • Logging your hikes
  • Viewing all the hike logs for a challenge
  • Viewing the Finisher's List for a challenge

Still have questions? Leave a comment below!

Updated June 11, 2020.

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  1. Any advice for someone who is looking to join with an already established group or other hiker to complete the summits?

    1. Hi Steven!

      There are a number of hiking groups and clubs that are tackling the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge. Here’s a sampling:

      Hiking Beyond the Hills:

      Heritage Hiking Club:

      Lazy Ass Hiking:

      There are many others on either or Facebook.

      We’ve also had people make connections with other challengers via the forums: or (for SoCal) the SoCal Hikers FB group:

      This should get you started.

  2. Hi Jeff.. I hiked Cucamonga my first peak on Tuesday April 10 with a friend. If I register for the six pack challenge, I just want to be sure I can enter that date in the log/in section which is before my registration day.

    Thank you
    Deb Trusheim

  3. Hello:

    I registered for the So Cal Six Pack but the challenge does not display on the this website. Not sure why?? Can you please help.

    1. Hi Tina! I’m glad you connected on our website chat and we were able to get you squared away. Welcome to the challenge!

  4. Hi there! I accidentally submitted a hike log with the incorrect peak selected! Is it possible to delete the extra log so just my CORRECT log & badge are shown? Thank you!

      1. Hi Jeff, related to Sarah’s question, is there a way to go back and edit a previous hike log? What if I want to add/remove photos and text?

        1. We don’t have that capability currently, but I we can add photos and/or edit text for you. There are two ways to do this. You can re-submit the hike log with the changes you want, and then let me know and we will delete the “old” hike log. Or if the edits are small, just send them to me and we’ll fix it for you. 😉

          1. Ok! Good to know I wasn’t missing something. I’ll just keep that in mind for my next log I make. Thanks!

    1. Barbara, the menu has changed since we recorded this. Replace “Challenges” with “Groups” and it’s otherwise the same.

  5. Would love if you can enable the upload of multiple pictures with a limit included. Hate having to go back to upload each picture separately. If it’s possible, please let me know.

    1. Hey Carline! Thanks for the feedback. We actually had this capability on our hike log form last year, but there were other issues. I wish it was a simple as flipping a switch. We are looking at revamping the hike log, but for 2021.

  6. One of the peaks in AZ, Williams, has been closed for most of the summer, and will be closed through 10/30/2020. Can this peak be substituted for another? It is my last of the challenge and have been waiting almost 2 months to complete until I read the new update by Forest Service

  7. Good morning,
    I am trying to log my first Arizona Winter 2021 hike. When I tried to select the date (today 11-7-20) the only available dates are for last year. It looks like the allowable dates are linked to last year’s challenge.
    Am I doing something wrong or is there a change to the site that needs to be made?

  8. hi Jeff, the video was helpful, but tried to log in to try the suggestions, but could not log in, stating-account is still pending approval. I had received email saying welcome, so I thought I was approved. ?

  9. Hi Jeff, I’m trying to log my hikes but when I select the So Cal challenge for this year it says I don’t have access to it. I received my swag after registering but am unable to log my hikes. Thanks for any help in advance

    1. James, I see your registration for the 2020 Arizona Winter Challenge (congrats on completing) but I don’t see a registration for the SoCal challenge. Could you have signed up with a different email and account? Do you have a copy of your confirmation email?

  10. Jeff I watched your video on navigating the site which was helpful. My question is about the Hiker Logs. There are only 5 pages going back to January 21st in the Northern California challenge. I would like to see ALL the logs. Plus, I was unable to click the name of the peak and see the logs on just that peak. Can you help? Thanks

    1. Hi Mele! When you go to Challenges > NorCal, scroll down to the HIKE LOGS link. This will show you ALL of the hike logs for the current challenge. You can also look at hike logs from past challenges. You’ll see links to each year’s hike logs down near the bottom of that page.

      Here’s a direct link to the 2021 NorCal hike logs:

      We don’t have the individual peak pages up yet, but they are coming!

  11. Hi Jeff! I signed myself and my husband up at the same time, for the Central Oregon challenge on 6/16/21. I set up my profile, but haven’t been able to set up a profile for my husband. We just completed all six peaks, together. I’m not sure I’ve been logging my hikes correctly, in order to receive badges and to get on the finishers list. I really hope that both my husband I will receive the finishers patch.
    Barbara and Mike Schlabach
    Order 173409

    1. Hi Dan! You can’t edit a hike log (yet). It’s on our roadmap. If it’s a minor edit, let us know and we can edit it, otherwise you can resubmit a new (duplicate) hike log and then we can delete the old one. The size limit is pretty big… 20 MB as I recall, although bear in mind that when you upload large photos, it could take a while depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

      1. Hi Jeff,

        Thanks Jeff! Alright, good to know on the photos. I think no individual photo was greater than 9-10MB, but with 6 photos between 5-10MB, the total was greater than 20MB. The edit was for the most of hike log since the my first attempt didn’t seem to work and then I just added a one photo and a small amount of text to see if I could at least get my hike posted.

        1. The 20 MB limit is per photo, so in theory you should be okay with 5-6 10MB files. If there are a lot of people loading photos at the same time, that could also slow things down a bit.

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