One Challenge — Five Badges to Earn

2020 marks the sixth year for our Southern California Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge, and for the first time, there are a total of 18 peaks to choose from. Along with those peaks come new badges. Here's a run-down of all five of the finisher badges and how you can earn them.

2020 SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge Finisher

The Finishers Badge

Earn this by completing any six peaks out of the 18 available peaks. Everyone who completes any six peaks gets this, even if the peaks they log also qualify them for one of the special badges below. Because of this, our Finishers List gives you a complete view of all finishers, regardless of which six peaks they hiked.

2020 SoCal Original Six FinisherThe “Original Six”

Complete the original Six-Pack of Peaks: Mount Wilson, Cucamonga Peak, Mount Baldy (aka Mt San Antonio), San Bernardino Peak, Mount San Jacinto, and San Gorgonio. You can hike them from any trail or route, but make sure it's a challenge for you. Because, karma. 😉

2020 SoCal Alternate Six FinisherThe Alternate Six

These are the “other” peaks that were introduced in previous years (though Sawmill Mountain was substituted for Mount Pinos this year). The complete list includes: Mount Baden-Powell, Ontario Peak, Sitton Peak, Strawberry Peak, Sawmill Mountain, and Santiago Peak.

2020 San Diego Six-Pack FinisherThe San Diego Six-Pack of Peaks

New for 2020, we've introduced six peaks in San Diego! They include Volcan Mountain, Cuyamaca Peak, Mount Woodson, Hot Springs Mountain, High Point (on Mount Palomar), and the grueling El Cajon Mountain.

2020 SoCal All 18 FinisherAll Eighteen

For those crazy over-achievers out there (you know who you are), the All Eighteen badge is your proof of just how crazy you are. Earn this by hiking all 18 of the peaks in the challenge.

Looking for guides to these peaks?

Remember that we have links to detailed trail guides for each of these peaks on our overview. Most of the guides include maps, photos and downloadable GPX files for using with GaiaGPS.

Which badge (badges?) are you aiming for? 

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  1. All 18, and hopefully some of them will be done more than twice ????????. I already did twice Bakdy out of 4 attempts and one more coming in March

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Our SoCal challenge is bigger than NorCal (we’re working on that). It’s the sixth year for SoCal, and it has 4x as many challengers as NorCal. So we’ve had to get creative to keep the challenge interesting. We would love to see NorCal grow like that, too!

      You can help! Tell your friends to join. Share your ideas for new peaks to add. And be sure to share your hike logs with your friends on social media. Most of all, have a great time hiking the challenge!

  2. I was just down at Cuyamaca Peak this past week. The Rangers said it is now closed through (estimated) October 2020, SDGE is replaced a number of lines and placing them underground. You may need a new Peak for the San Diego 6-Pack

    1. Just saw the review you posted a few months ago. Will def try the Azalea Glen-Conejos Route instead of the Fire Rd and just see how far we get.

      But ya, it looks like the Fire Rd route will be unavailable until at least October 2020

      1. It’s a shame, but it happens almost every year (really sad when wildfires close a mountain). The good news is that there is still an alternate route (which you found). While the final bit to the summit is closed, we will count hikes to that point. And… the challenge technically runs until 12/31/2020, so with luck, the summit will reopen on schedule and we’ll still have a month or two to bag it.

  3. Hello I want to do the 18 peaks. I already hiked more than half of the peaks and I don’t want to repeat the hikes. Can I still get the parch and the tea shirt?

  4. Ok. I live in Central Ore… and have previously done all the “ Six Peaks “ hikes”…..( except Marion Peak… which I look forward to!!!) …
    I did Gray Butte today… ( again). How do I report this to your website?? Also “ Thanks for everything!!!”

    1. Hi Dianna! When you login to the site after registering (I see that you’ve registered), you’ll see a “Log My Hike” option on the left (on a PC) or under the “hamburger icon” (on a mobile device). The rest should be pretty easy.

  5. I am finisher six pack of peak 2020, how can I get patch of finisher? I saw it Instagram.

    Also I received six pack of peak challenge 2021 sticker today. So this year only sticker only? No patch like until last year? Just I wanted to know…

    1. Hi Chisato! You don’t need to do anything. Everyone who is on the finishers list is getting a finisher patch and certificate mailed to them. We *just* finished with the NorCal finishers today, and are starting on the SoCal finishers next.

      And yes, the patches are ONLY for finishers now (not in the welcome packet). They get sent out in one batch when the challenge ends.

    1. Hi Jenny! The badges are automatically added to your user profile here on the site when you log your sixth peak. Finishers get a certificate and swag mailed afterwards.

    1. Hi Patricia!
      Don’t tell anyone, but we are introducing some new badges this fall that will recognize people for leveling up their outdoor skills, participating in other mini-challenges (like the 30 Days of Microadventure Challenge we held in August) and more fun ways to stay connected before, during, and after the Six-Pack of Peaks.

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